General FAQs

Are you qualified to install these systems?

Yes, VIP Technologies is fully qualified and certified, licensed by Cyprus Police. Our company has over 20 years experience in the industry, having installed hundreds of systems for private, commercial and government purposes throughout Cyprus. So you can be sure work is being done by experts and professionals.

How long do systems take to install?

This greatly depends on what system/solution is being installed and the size of the project. Generally, we respond to requests within 24 hours to organise a time to speak and better explain the whole procedure, then visit your premises to conduct a site analysis if needed (i.e. large commercial projects). Based on your availability, we then set up a time to complete the installation and training (show you how it operates). Smaller home type systems in security/alarms, access control, gate/garage door automations, barriers and solar systems are all done within the day/few hours. Larger commercial projects take some time longer, depending on the size of the system. A proper site analysis would better determine installation time required.


Security Systems & Alarms

What is an alarm system?

An alarm systems, or alarm device gives an audible, visual or other form of alarm signal about a problem or condition when armed. Alarm devices are often outfitted with a siren that will monitor and notify you of intruders or of a hazard, i.e. fire/smoke. Alarm systems provide peace-of-mind and protection of your property, and of your lives. Various alarm systems, such as those installed by VIP Technologies Cyprus include burglar alarms and fire/smoke alarms.

How does the alarm system work?

The alarm system consists of a main console and a number of detectors. When the detectors are triggered, they notify the main console, which turns on a loud siren and at the same time makes a number of notification calls to your phone. The main console can be programmed to make calls to a list of telephone numbers.

How can I arm the alarm system?

There are many different methods:
1. Directly from the console (the use of a pin is always required)
2. Using the remote controls (arm, disarm, arm-home, emergency button)
3. From any telephone. You can call the alarm system and from the keys of the phone arm, disarm, turn on or off the siren and listen into the house. Extremely useful, as you control your system from anywhere in the world and at any time!
4. Some consoles support full control of the security system through the internet by accessing a portal where you can control the system and check on faults/ warnings and messages. Internet access guarantees the access to your security system by any computer or smartphone having internet connection.

What is arm home on the alarm device?

When arm-home is selected, the system ignores triggers received from certain detectors. This is extremely useful as the owner can arm the system when he/she is in the house so that the owners can move around freely without the alarm system triggering. A "perimeter-like" behaviour is then gained - doors and windows are secure and motion detectors are in passive mode. For example, you are getting up during the night to go the toilet - you have peace of mind that the alarm system will not go off!

When I receive a call from the alarm console what should I do?

You can instantly listen into the house and if you are not nearby, notify a contact, neighbours or even the police to take care of the incident.

What can the alarm detectors detect?

There are a number of different detectors available which cover the needs of all homes and commercial business alike. The most commonly used type of detectors are magnetic switches (door window sensors) and motion detectors. Other detectors include smoke and heat detectors, gas leakage detectors, glass breaking detectors and infrared beams. All detectors transmit information to the main console wireless, meaning there is no need to draw cables or reorganise the house or have wires showing around the house.

What is a motion detector?

Motion detectors detect movement in the space/environment and can cover large areas inside the house or business. Motion detectors can be installed to monitor areas inside the house or business, and detect movement up to 12 metres. There are also ceiling type motion detectors which are installed on the ceiling of the area to monitor a diameter of the covered area. The covered area depends on the height of the ceiling.

What if I have pets in the house?

No problem. There are special motion detectors which are "pet immune", meaning they will ignore changes in the environment from pet movements.

What is the door/window sensor?

They are magnetic switches, placed on doors and windows of your home, office or commercial premise, and as soon as doors/windows are opened, the alarm system is triggered.

What are smoke detectors?

Smoke detectors detect smoke within the environment and again report to the main console. Unlike the other sensors, smoke detectors are working 24 hours a day and not only when the alarm system is armed. This gives extra security during the times when you are in the house/office to ensure you are immediately alerted to any smoke, therefore potential fire hazard. Smoke detectors should be installed in all homes, business and commercial environments in Cyprus, as they are a crucial alert to saving lives.

What about gas leakage detectors?

The same function as the smoke detectors only these detect gas in the environment. Useful for gas based hobs and gas heaters, indeed common appliances in Cyprus.

What happens if intruders cut the phone line before entering the house?

If your system is connected to the fixed line for making emergency calls then obviously the system will not be able to call you. However, the system will detect the telephone line cut or short and will notify the owners. VIP Technologies Cyprus provides total security by equipping all systems with a GSM module (mobile network), which does not use phone wires. So, you are totally protected from phone line cuts. Additionally, alarm systems come with power outage backup protection in case the electricity is cut off.

How else can it monitor my house or business?

Other solutions can be installed for regular monitoring your premises, including CCTV and surveillance systems, as well as video door phones and intercom systems for better recognising guests before allowing entrance.


Solar Systems FAQs

Are there rebates/grants available for solar systems in Cyprus?

From time-to-time there are certain grants for both home and commercial solar energy systems in Cyprus. These are supported by the government. We encourage you to investigate such rebates/grants. Indeed, the more assistance we all have to install solar energy systems, the more cost savings we will all have, making us more competitive on an international level, as well as of course a lot more greener on an environmental level. Energy Sustainability is paramount to both our future in Cyprus, and of course our planet's future. But please note, VIP Technologies Cyrus does not provide any rebates or grants as such.

How quickly will my return on investment be with a solar energy system?

We like to say immediately. From the moment you install a solar energy system, you can already be assured of return by significant savings on your electricity bills, and of course the very thought of long-term cost-savings and sustainability. Generally, we can assume that the full amount invested in the new solar energy systems will be repaid after only a few short years (around 4 to 5 years). Range depends on factors such as electricity consumption, electricity prices which vary over time, the type of solar system installed, and efficiency of location (i.e. greatest exposure to the sun). From here on end, it's pure savings on your electricity bills, and contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment in Cyprus. Well done!

Once I install solar energy can I come off the grid completely?

Unfortunately not. By law, and as per international standards, solar systems must meet certain guidelines in terms of energy output, and must be on the grid. Also, since during times of no sunshine/solar power you will still require electricity. Keep in mind this is a much more eco-approach at the moment, as having batteries that store surplus solar energy actually takes more carbon emissions to produce. If however you system is to be installed in a remote area where the grid (electricity) does not reach, then you can have full solar energy.