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Sloped & Flat roofs


Mounting frames for sloped and flat roofs

When selecting array racking and mounting systems for a roof application, the optimal solution relies on many factors, including structural requirements, aesthetics, ease of installation, wire management and module grounding, roof clearances and compatibility with the desired module

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Sloped & Flat roofs

Mounting frames for sloped and flat roofs

For flat roofs:

The most economical solution for a flat roof is that which results from optimal customization of the mounting system to the target roof structure. A number of support geometries with different inclinations and dimensions are therefore used for the flat roof systems, in full compliance with the latest technical standards. The wide range of accessories allows for installation on almost any roof. A customized plan with a detailed structural analysis is drawn up for every system, based on data provided by the customer.

Our flat roof systems meet the latest standards and can be enhanced by means of numerous potential accessories.

For sloped roofs:

Mounting solutions and combinations provide varying clearances between the roof and the modules, which can impact aesthetics, cell temperatures and access beneath the array. Suitable roof attachment options vary based on the roofing material and the type of substructure under the array.

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